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             October Curriculum



This month we are going to have a new song to dance too called, "The Halloween Freeze Dance".  It's a great song and involves a lot of movement and motions and I know the kids are going to love it just as much as I do. Along with our song we are going to be learning some new movements and incorporate them into our tumble time.  Stretching is a huge part of the beginning of our sessions and the kids are doing great and really enjoying the funny faces we make while doing them. 

Each Tumble Bus session will begin with stretching and greetings. Stretching is very important and we at Tiny Tots want to make sure the children are educated about the movements they are doing and will be trying for the first time.

After stretching we will dance and groove to "The Halloween Freeze Dance"

During the song the children will learn some new movements and after, they will get to test those new moves on their own with  some help from myself and Mrs. Mandy.  


Each child will be worked with independently during each session. Focusing on the basics of the back walkover. Some of the littles already have it down pat but there are a few that need to learn this amazing skill. I am going to encourage those that can already do a back walkover to help their friends and show them how to do it.  This is not only a great physical task but communication task as well.  The rainbow bridge has made it's way back into the bus and we will be using it for some of our great new skills.  


Cool down and stamps will be handed out with HIGH FIVES and good byes till next week.


**All Classes and activities will accommodate each child's age, class size, and individual skill level. At no time will any child aboard the Tiny Tots Tumbling Bus be coerced or forced to participate above his or her comfort and skill level, nor will any child be excluded. Children will never be penalized for failure to participate. ALL CHILDREN are encouraged to try their best and to HAVE FUN!**