Want Tiny Tots Tumbling Bus at your child's school?


Ask your school director to start!!
 Have them contact us at 229-415-5062 or



Our tumble bus comes to each day care weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and provides 30 minute classes for children ages 2-6.


**No special clothes needed!!


**You just drop your child off at school

and we take care of the rest.


**The perfect program to help you get
your family time back at home!


**Your child gets extra physical activity while at school.



Your school will have a great new program to help enhance your existing curriculum.  It is completely independent of your facility so no space, cost, overhead, or teacher's time is required. Everything needed for the classes is inside the TUMBLEBUS.

Your teacher's benefit because it gives them a break while the children are on the TUMBLEBUS and gives them more time and opportunity to complete their other tasks.



Call Us: 1-229-293-9323 /



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